Connecting to the Discord

Step 1 - Downloading the software

  • Go to the Discord Website and download the client appropriate for your operating system.

Step 2 - Connect to VATPAC

  • Open Discord & click here. (Or follow the below 2 steps)
  • On the bottom left, Click + > Join Server
  • Enter the following link into the instant invite box and click join - 

Step 3 - Get some Permissions

  • Follow the link here and login via VATSIM Single Sign On to get your permissions

VATPAC Discord 101

House Rules

The Teamspeak & Discord policy, located under the About -> Policies section outlines the requirements and expectations of users that are connected to the Discord.

Room Guide

Although our Discord layout may seem a little confusing at first, it's actually laid out in a very simple way. If you follow this simple guide to our different rooms, you will familiarize yourself with the layout very quickly.

Welcome Room

All members enter this room when first connecting to the server. If your identity hasn't been verified, you will be unable to move from this channel. This channel is text only. 

 Member Lounge

These rooms can be used for general chat, group flights, controlling sessions and socialising. There are no entry restrictions to these rooms, but please respect the Teamspeak & Discord Policy at all times. The Daily Focus room is used each night for different events that occur such as Milk Run, Australia Online, World Discovery and VFR Operations.


The support channels are for members to either ask for support in text (by using the designated support text channel) or for members to assist each other over voice in the Help Room voice channel.

The ATC Centre

These rooms are available for coordination only. They are accessible by those with an ATC rating, so don't be alarmed if you can't access them. Push to talk is required in these rooms. Only members controlling a relevant position may enter. No chat or music.

The ATC Academy

These rooms are for ATC training and are only accessible by the training staff and their students.

Crew Rest

The Inactive Channel is for members who have been idle for 30 minutes or more. Discord will automatically move them to this room where voice is disabled.